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About Me

Hi There!

Hi! I'm Vanya and I live in the suburbs of Chicago with my family. I’m a mom to two picky eaters (👧 8 and 👦 4) and a beautiful Bengal kitten boy 🐈😻 (who would gladly taste-test all my cooking if I let him).My husband and I are self-proclaimed foodies and like to try new dishes so I always look for new inspiration. My kids, however, haven’t yet developed very sophisticated taste buds. Nonetheless, family dinner is sacred around here and we always sit and eat together (even on nights when hubby and I are wining and dining on filet mignon while the kids are splitting frozen pizza).Thanks for joining and I hope you stick around and try some of my recipes! Drop me a line or two every once in a while and let me know how they are turning out!

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